#htmlcaption1 Welcome to the City of Bulleh Shah.Baba Bulleh Shah (1680-1758) was the great humanist, philosopher, rebel, internationalist, teacher and Sufi poet of all times.He was born in a Sayyed family in a village near Kasur. Joint Check Post (JCP) at Ganda Singh Wala located at a distance of 18 Km from Kasur City.It is a major tourist attraction because of the famous Guard Changing Ceremony everyday.. #htmlcaption2 Kasur has a glorious past set in spiritual and cultural traditions, nurtured by Sufi Saints like Baba Bulleh Shah, Baba Kamal Chishti, Shah Inayat Qadiri, Imam Shah Bukhari, on one hand and by musicians, singers like Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Barkat Ali Khan, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Malka-e-Tarrannam Noor Jehan

Kasuri Methi

Kasur is also famous for Kasuri Methi all over the world due to its unique fragrance and quality which only belongs to city Kasur (PAKISTAN).

The most effective,  pure and high quality Fenugreek is known asKasuri Methi which is found in Kasur city(Pakistan). Kasuri Methi is famous all over the world due to its quality & fragrance. 

Methi (Fenugreek) is used as vegetable in various eatables. Fresh Methi herb does not contain any smell but after drying, it becomes fragrant and possesses a specific type low grade smell. Methi from Kasur / Qasoor in Punjab (Pakistan) is very famous in its fragrance throughout the country and known as Kasurii Methi
Kasuri Methi leaves are also used as a condiment for flavoring and giving special delicious taste. Steaming is considered the best method of cooking leaves; in this the vitamins are retained and the vegetable become palatable. The dried leaves can be composed to pulses for their protein content. They supplement the lysine-deficient cereal diets. They have an aromatic odor and agreeable spicy taste. Kasuri Methi leaves is an important ingredient of curry powder and juicy and fry vegetables .


Historically, fenugreek was used for a variety of health conditions, including menopausal symptoms and digestive problems. It was also used for inducing childbirth.

Today, it is used for diabetes and loss of appetite, and to stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women. It is also applied to the skin to treat inflammation.

Benefits of Methi:
There are several alleged benefits of Methi(fenugreek). When taken by mouth, the supplement is claimed to be useful for appetite loss, diabetes, and high cholesterol. When applied to the skin, fenugreek may be beneficial for treating eczema, inflammation, and muscle pain. However, it is important to know that there is not enough scientific evidence to show that fenugreek is indeed effective for these uses. Fenugreek is an amazing magic herb that can cure number of ailments. 

Pakistani Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine recommend fenugreek to treat arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, improve digestion, maintain a healthy metabolism, increase libido and male potency, cure skin problems (wounds, rashes and boils), treat sore throat, and cure acid reflux. Fenugreek also has a long history of use for the treatment of reproductive disorders, to induce labor, to treat hormonal disorders, to help with breast enlargement, and to reduce menstrual pain. Recent studies have shown that Fenugreek helps lower blood glucose and cholestrol levels, and may be an effective treatment for both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Fenugreek is also being studied for its cardiovascular benefit


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